Jim Carrey: Balanced Ectomorph

Jim Carrey

Endomorphy: 4.0 (Visceral)

Mesomorphy: 4.0 (Muscular)

Ectomorphy: 6.0 (Nervous)

Balance: 6.0 (Orientational (Sensory)

Trunk Index: 1.45-1.50 (Area of Thoracic  Trunk divided by Area of Abdominal Trunk)

Height: 73.3 inches

Weight Pattern(pounds @ age):160 @ 20 -171 @ 30 -181 @ 40 -186 @ 50

Simple Temperament Description:


Nervous(Plus)Orientational (Minus) Muscular = SEARCHING FOR IDENTITY/STATUS – AVOIDS CONFLICT

Although there are no written tests that are 100% compatible with somatotype, the D-I-S-C inventories are generally in range of what a somatotype would predict.  This is one of the best locations I’ve found for this information.  Axiom Sofware’s Description of D-I-S-C Personalities When you link to the site check the following boxes for Jim Carrey’s type: High Influence with Compliance and Steadiness

1.  I = Influence (Very High)

2. C = Compliance  (Very High)

3.   S = Steady  (Moderately High)

4.  D = Dominance (Moderately High)

MBTI Type INTJ (Linked to Wikepedia)    (See SOMATOTYPE  CHART of MBTI TYPES)

Additional Comments: Jim Carrey is a complicated personality.  He could easily adapt as several different temperaments.  This probably explains his ability to perform such a wide range of characters from goofy comedy to serious drama.  Sometimes his characters are both serious and comedic. Above all he is a role player.


































































































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