Jennifer Aniston’s Somatotype

Jennifer Aniston: Ectomorphic Endomorph

Jennifer Aniston is an ectomorphic endomorph.  This means that she is primarily endomorphic but has a significant amount of ectomorphy.   There seems to be a lot of mirrored comments in various blogs suggesting that Jennifer is a Mesomorph.  This shows widespread ignorance of somatotype.  Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph are not just words to be thrown around loosely.  In Jennifer’s case she is very close to a 1 in mesomorphy – which means she is minimally Mesomorphic.

Sheldon would probably classify her as a 5,1,4½.

Jennifer Aniston is:

Endomorphy: 5.0 (Visceral)

Mesomorphy: 1.0 (Muscular)

Ectomorphy:  (Nervous)

Balance: 4.0 (Orientational (Sensory)

Trunk Index: 1.05  (Area of Thoracic  Trunk divided by Area of Abdominal Trunk)

Height64.4 inches

Weight Pattern(pounds @ age):  112  @ 20 – 119 @ 30 – 125 @ 40 – 128 @ 50

Simple Temperament Description:



Although there are no written tests that are 100% compatible with somatotype, the D-I-S-C inventories are generally in range of what a somatotype would predict.  This is one of the best locations I’ve found for this information.  Axiom Sofware’s Description of D-I-S-C Personalities When you link to the site check the following boxes for Jennifer’s type:  Steadiness, Influence, Compliance.

1. S= Steadiness (Moderately High)

2.  C = Compliance (Moderate)

3. I = Influence (Moderately High)

4. D = Dominance (Low)

MBTI Type ISFP bordering on INFP (Linked to Wikepedia)   (See SOMATOTYPE  CHART of MBTI TYPES)

Average Mesomorphy for Men is 4.0  and Women is 3.0 so you can see Jennifer Aniston is a long way from being described as a Mesomorph.  Her Trunk Index is only 1.05  This means the area of her trunk profile is evenly split between the abdominal area and the thoracic (chest area).

I captured a segment of a video on Youtube that shows Jennifer in a bikini. See










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