Marlon Brando: Centrimorphic Mesomorphic Endomorph

Marlon Brando:  How Fat Can a Midrange Endomorph Get?

Marlon Brando was  a mid-range mesomorphic endomorph.  This means that he was primarily endomorphic but had a significant amount of mesomorphy balanced with a good amount of ectomorphy.  This type looks tough and strong when young  but endomorphy quickly gets the upper hand, especially for those who can afford leisurely rich dining.  There is a screen test floating around that has Marlon standing next to a board that says he weighs 170 pounds and is 5’10″. ( COPY URL )  I used the following wardrobe picture from “streetcar” for somatotyping Brando.(COPY AND PASTE THIS  URL )  

By the time he was 55 his weight was around 220 pounds.  His concern for the down- trodden is also quite typical for  people with this structure. Sheldon would probably classify him as a 5½,4.0,4.0.

Marlon Brando is:

Endomorphy5½ (Visceral)

Mesomorphy: 4.0 (Muscular)

Ectomorphy: 4.0 (Nervous)

Balance: 6.0 (Orientational (Sensory)

Trunk Index: 1.30  (Area of Thoracic  Trunk divided by Area of Abdominal Trunk)

Height: 69.6 inches

Weight Pattern (pounds @ age):  168  @ 20 –187 @ 30 -202 @ 40 – 212 @ 50

Simple Temperament Description: Visceral-Orientational-Muscular-Nervous. (Even though the Orientational index is higher in this physique than the Visceral it gets second place in the system ranking because it is really a derivative and as a rule of thumb needs to exceed another dimension by at least 1 degree.)

Visceral(Plus) Orientational  (Minus) Nervous = SEARCHING FOR UNITY. AVOIDS BOUNDARY, CONVENTION, STATUS QUO AND LIMITATIONS. Although there are no written tests that are 100% compatible with somatotype, the D-I-S-C inventories are generally in range of what a somatotype would predict.  This is one of the best locations I’ve found for this information.  Axiom Sofware’s Description of D-I-S-C Personalities When you link to the site check the following boxes for Marlon Brando’s type:  Steadiness, Influence, Dominance.

1.  S = Steadiness ( High)

2. I= Influence ( High)

3. D = Dominance (Moderate)

4. C = Compliance (Moderate)

MBTI Type INFJ (Linked to Wikepedia)   (See SOMATOTYPE  CHART of MBTI TYPES)

Additional Comments: Marlon Brando is a good example of how people confuse big biceps,  and pectorals as athletic.  The average male with 4 mesomorphy can quickly get these muscles bulging.   These are the muscles men like to show off .  However there is a lot more to mesomorphy dominance than just bulging biceps.  The chest has to dominate the physique all the way down practically to the bottom of the torso.  This is why methods of somatotyping that focus on muscle girth to determine mesomorphy fail to capture true mesomorphy.  Brando looks strong in “Street Car”  but a trained eye can readily see that the thorax ends quickly and the abdomen keeps going.

















































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