Self Interviews

This is a new area of this blog.  The concept is to simulate the interview by interviewing myself.  I am quite confident nobody is going to interview me since my area of research is so far off the mainstream.  The experience of being interviewed creates a split that allows me to ask myself some important questions.     By taking on the role of a critical interviewer I expose myself to weak points in my theory. And it just may be the case that I ask myself a question that you might ask.  Some of the questions I asked myself actually stumped me.  This forced me to do the additional research to clarify some critical points.  Like most researchers I have the tendency to avoid the tough questions and challenges.  Getting the answers has the effect of giving me an improved focus.  If  you, as a reader can think of a good question please post it.  I need the exercise that  kind of  resistance provides.

As I complete more of these sessions I will post the links on this page.  Here is the first one:

1. The Physics of Personality.