Somatotype Chart of Myers-Briggs Types

First of all an important disclaimer.   This site is in no way connected with Myers-Briggs.  In fact the publishers of  the Myers-Briggs discourage anyone from speculating about other peoples types when they don’t know the actual results from a person  taking the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory.  People aren’t easily discouraged as you can readily discover when you look at all the attempts to classify famous people living and dead and even fictional characters and cartoons.  There is some degree of consensus about certain personalities but others are all over the place.

My estimate of personality type is rooted in the objective physical measurements that make up a person’s somatotype.  Some of the Myers-Briggs descriptions (including those based on Kiersey’s method) are a little too horoscopic but their essential structures seem valid.  The actual tests that are supposed to be predictive of  type are probably no more accurate than the guesses of those who have religiously, read and re-read, the various personality sketches of the 16 types.

I have mapped the 16 types onto a Sheldonian Somatotype Chart.  Since I use this table to determine likely personality type it is at least consistent and objective to the degree that I have configured the table correctly.  So here is the Somatotype chart showing the probable location of the 16 MBTI types. When I give the MBTI type for a celebrity it is based on this chart.



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